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Researches on existing stuff

OpenCalais that does approximately what we're looking for

Proxem is a really good starting point for links and pointers to interesting topics, resources and documentation. shows an example of my idea of categorization of words using tagging

Common vocabulary in Natural Language Processing

Information Retrieval (IR) =>

Information Extraction (IE) =>

Sentence Boundary Disambiguation (SBD) =>

Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) =>

Named Entity Recognition (NER) =>

Message Understanding Conference (MUC) =>

Anaphora =>

Resource Description Framework =>

Linked Data =>

Common Sense Knowledge Bases =>

Categorization =>

Documents & Publications

Cours d'introduction à l'analyse sémantique :

Web as a Corpus [Kilgariff & Grefenstette(2003)] =>

Existing resources

Classifications of words :'s_Thesaurus ('s_Categories and

Suicides ???!

Is NLP a dangerous and depressing profession ? I found 2 references to guys who committed suicide by following only one link from (Push Singh) to (Chris McKinstry).