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Okay, let me try and explain what this great idea is about. S13.gif


First, you should know I'm a fucking social anarchist S2.gif. And as such, I don't like the inherent hierarchy of the powers in place and their ugly scheming to get to the top. I just can't stand politics and corruption. I just can't grasp the concept of the lust for power and money. And I can't even begin to understand why someone who has enough money to buy a small country just needs even more.

Let me be clear on these thoughts : I don't want to blow up everything, shoot everyone and make a revolution. Our capitalist system is obviously far from perfect but I believe it can be "mended" in many ways so we achieve more equality in the revenues and so a huge part of the world isn't left aside like junk. I would have liked not to quote the obvious here, like the richest 2% own half the wealth of the planet, or that the cost of the war in Iraq on its own would have permitted to buy all the weapons we're so afraid of, or even that it would cost 40 billion $ annually to feed the hungry (the budget of the G8 summits where "important" people discuss of this matter costing $600 million on its own) but I write these small facts here as a memento for some other time.

Keeping that in mind, after spending many years being angry at everything, we need to focus on finding ways to change things and make the system more equal.

Politicians, whether they are left-wing liberal democrats or right-wing conservative republicans, all want the same thing : power. They usually have a short-term vision of things essentially because of their equally short-term mandates. Often laws and amendments get voted to be overruled 1 or 2 presidential mandates later, yielding a brownian-motion-like status quo.

Also, it is my intimate conviction that politicians have no real power anymore and don't rule their country as they used to : multi-national corporations do through lobbying and economic pressure. Politicians can only limit the damages caused to their countries by these corporations (when they are willing to do so) by applying mere patches and solving neighborhood-range crises, when they are not altogether at the mercy of such corporations through either economic blackmail or mere corruption.

Politicians have become CEOs of their countries they now run like mere corporations. We're the employees. Revolving doors between government positions and private sector companies work 24-7. Conflicts of interest are now showing blatantly in the open and are part of the system.

Let me tell you another conviction of mine :