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Welcome to Wakapon


Wakapon is my personal wiki. I use it as a notebook to write about projects I'm working on, stuff I've made in the past and, last but not least, ideas I'd like to realize someday...

It's filled with the inherent mistakes I usually make in my thought process, with the holes of my poor memory and also with the naive utopia of an eternal dreamer (no less ! S4.gif) because whatever you do, life is, after all, about "changing the world"™ (a Silicon Valley registered trademark)!


Focusing on my discovery of computers and computer science, it tells about an era now long gone from a kid's point of view : this is my history as a demomaker.


  • Check my O3D section
  • Nuaj, my little DX10.1 renderer
  • Cirrus, the high level Nuaj wrapper to render complex scenes

Computer Graphics


Rough Ideas



Check some of my pictures on Flickr.

Official Homepage